Need a Ford F350 Truck for Sale? – Here Are Some Things to Know

What happens when the Ford F150 doesn’t cut it for you? You go heavier. Ford likes to call this the Ford Super Duty series. This is the heavy-duty lineup of Ford’s pickup truck division. The Ford F 350 is a great representative of this brand. The F350 is a pickup truck for all your heavy lifting needs.

The F350 is larger than the 1500, but while it may not be as agile; it is certainly more of a workhorse. This is a beast that can not only tow more, but it can also carry more. It is tougher and more rugged than your average pickup truck. It is a bigger help at most worksites as a result.

The following piece shows you a brief piece of info before buying an F-350:

Ford F350 Super Duty

Unlike the F150, the Ford F350 is not half a century old. This pickup truck began production about two decades ago. The F350 Super Duty is currently in its 4th generation. It is one of the few Ford vehicles that are still offered with a V8 engine. Move up the trims and you’ll even get a V10 motor.

Looking for a Ford F 350 Super Duty for sale? Know that it can give you a towing capacity even higher than that of the F250. If it is specced well, it can tow up to 32k pounds and carry up to 4200 pounds. This can make it ideal as a work companion – it can even become your very own Ford flatbed truck.

Ford F350 Dually

The Ford F350 is offered in a dually setup as well. This is the Ford DRW and it has two rear wheels on each side instead of one. You can get the Ford Single Cab Dually or a double cabin one. You can find a Ford F350 Dually for sale with all the existing features and powertrains normally available.

Ford DRW vs SRW

Whether it’s a F350 Single Cab Dually, or a crew cab one; you are bound to get more stability and strength for your needs. Apart from it looking bigger, the Ford F350 DRW is more useful you’re towing or hauling heavy. But if you want to consider maneuverability, the Ford SRW is a better choice.

Ford F350 Diesel

The F350 is offered in gasoline and diesel versions. Those looking for more longevity, efficiency and torque tend to go for the diesel models. Meanwhile those with tighter budgets for purchase and maintenance go for gas F350 trucks. Regardless of the fuel used, you still get a powerful V8 engine.

F350 Trim Levels and Popular Models

The most popular F350 models online are the 2008 Ford F350, 2011 F350, 2012 Ford F350, 2015 F350, 2011 Ford F350 and 2017 Ford F350 trucks.

Meanwhile, the trim levels offered on the F350 are:

Ford F350 Limited (Top of The Line)

Ford F350 Platinum

Ford F350 King Ranch

Ford F350 Lariat

Ford F350 XLT

F350 XL (Base Model)

F350 For Sale in NC – Cardinal Auto Sales

So, that was the F350 Super Duty. This is a pickup truck that can never let you down as nothing can stop it. It is built tough, reliable, powerful, and most of all – it’s badass. If you’re looking for a Ford F350 for sale in Raleigh, NC, do check out Cardinal Auto Sales for the best deals on all pickup trucks.

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