Looking for a Ram 3500 for Sale? – Know These Basics

Today’s Ram trucks are considered by many automotive journalists and consumers to be the best pickups that money can buy. They lead the truck market in terms of not just their capabilities, but also their luxuries and amenities. The Ram 3500 is the biggest and baddest of the bunch. If you want a 3500 Ram for sale, do give the following a read before making your purchase:

Ram 3500 HD

The Ram 3500 is currently in its 5th generation. It’s a step above the Ram 2500 in terms of strength and power. While the very capable 2500 HD is usually used by those who tow their boat or trailer, once or twice a month; the 3500 is for those who like to tow heavy almost every day of the week.

This means that the 3500 is a 1-ton favorite for the drivers who want a strong and sturdy work truck. The current Ram 3500 can tow up to 37k pounds if you equip it right. The Ram 3500 is usually 2WD but you can get a 4WD system on yours as an optional extra.

The Ram 3500 HD is available in the following trim levels:

·     Tradesman

·     Big Horn

·     Lone Star

·     Laramie

·     Limited Longhorn

·     Limited

Available with truck bed sizes between 6’4 and 8’; the 3500 Ram is offered in the following cab options:

·     Ram 3500 Regular Cab

·     Ram 3500 Mega Cab

·     Ram 3500 Crew Cab

Before you decide your trim, ensure that the cab of your choice is available on it.

But what if you want a Ram 3500 flatbed truck? Well, you’re going to have to buy a regular model and convert it, or buy a used model that has already been converted.

Ram 3500 6.7 Cummins

The 6.7 Cummins is a powerful and reliable turbocharged engine that’s available in the Ram 3500 diesel. It is quite highly sought out in the truck market. It’s because a diesel powertrain is one of the most valued options on a heavy-duty truck.

There are several reasons for this, with a major one being the increased torque output. The greater torque figures mean that the truck should be able to haul more. This is true for the 6.7 Cummins which can allow a Ram 3500 to tow as much as 37000 pounds with the right gear.

Ram 3500 Dually

A Ram dually is a truck with two rear wheels on each side instead of just one. This complements the strong frame of the 3500 by adding even more stability and sturdiness to it. While the single rear wheel models are more maneuverable, the Dodge dually is just more well-suited for hauling heavy.

Popular Dodge Ram 3500 Models for Sale Online

There are countless Ram HD trucks available in the market today, so choosing one can be difficult. The most sought out Ram 3500 HD models on the web are the following:

2007 Dodge Ram 3500 6.7 Cummins

2008 Dodge Ram 3500 6.7 Cummins

2012 Ram 3500

2014 Ram 3500

2015 Ram 3500

2016 Ram 3500

2017 Ram 3500

2018 Ram 3500

2019 Ram 3500

2021 Ram 3500

2022 Ram 3500

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